Renovate Or Create Custom Cabinetry

You’re at home and you have been thinking that this one room’s cabinetry is looking its age, the style is not matching the rest of the house or reminds you too much of a time that has long since gone and a facelift is needed?

Perhaps, you’re in the kitchen and you have had enough of fighting with the pots, pans and other equipment that are squeezed into too few cabinets?

Or you have noticed with age the some of the doors are falling apart or that party you had recently that got too wild and resulted in some accidental damage to your cabinetry?

Perhaps, you have just purchased your dream property, but the cabinets are from when it was first built?
Maybe you are planning on selling your home and want to update some cabinetry to ensure you get the best-selling price.

Or you have decided that you need a new piece of cabinetry and need some custom decorative doors and panels to make it the masterpiece that you saw in your mind’s eye!


Our custom decorative cabinets doors and panels, are perfect for all cabinetry, be it the Kitchen cabinetry, bathroom cabinetry, laundry cabinetry, or cabinetry for fireplaces, living rooms, alfresco areas and entertainment rooms cabinet doors and panels.

So, you need now to decide am I going to take on this project or should seek the services of a Cabinet Maker?

  • If you’re the handy type or you just need the doors and panels (not the cabinetry boxes/carcasses) and you have a drill to install your handles, then you can directly come to us with your sizes, notes and ideas and we can help you place your order. Best of all we provide FREE, no obligations Quotes before we start! ((DIY – What you need to know!) – Link to another page)
  • If your project requires a Cabinet Maker that is fine, you can request they use our products and they will either have our brochures and vinyl swatches or get you to visit our showroom/office to get the required information for them. If needed, we can provide you with a list of Cabinet Makers who have been using our products for many years.


So, whether you are renovating or creating a new Kitchen, Bathroom, Laundry, or a special cabinet our custom, decorative, durable Vinyl-wrapped doors and panels, will have you covered and have you enjoying for cabinetry well pass our seven-year manufacturer’s warranty.