Proudly Western Australian made products by a Western Australian family owned and managed company.

Producing Our Vinyl Wrapped Products

Vinyl Wrapped Doors are known under a few different names; Thermo-laminated, Vacuum-formed, Thermo-fusion, Vinyl Doors or Thermo-foiled to name a few. They are all Thermo-laminated vinyl wrapped doors and produced in basically the same way with minor differences from manufacture to manufacturer.


Just routed doors awaiting sanding

Freshly routed doors.

At Ryform Doors our Vinyl Doors are made of high-quality BORG Australian made, responsibly sourced, high moisture resistant, zero emissions E0 formaldehyde, medium fibre board that is routed on quality, high-tech Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) MASTERWOOD routers, using precision mathematics and programmed by skilled programmers. So not only are we producing high-quality products, but we are also using responsibly sourced board that is not harmful to your health and that of our precious environment.

CNC Router carving out material to produce a door
Photo of doors with glue applied awaiting thermo-laminating.

Doors waiting to be thermo-laminated.

The routed boards are then applied with a high quality, flexible PVC ahesive, that is designed for longevity and heat resistance. They are then placed into our ORMA thermo laminator with one of our wide range of durable PVC vinyl foils from companies such as RENOLIT, LG DECO FOILS and BONLEX, where the vacuum and heat allow the adhesives to form long crosslinks, binding vinyl foil to the board producing a finished a good looking, high quality, durable thermo-laminated vinyl wrapped product.

Tray full of just laminated wrapped doors.

Our Goal

Whether we are matching and manufacturing one door or manufacturing a full kitchen, bathroom, laundry or a commercial business, our goal is the same, producing the highest quality thermo-laminated vinyl wrapped products. No door, panel or other product leaves the factory without being quality tested and passing our in house procedures.