Frequently asked questions

Why choose vinyl?

Every product has its own strengths and weaknesses; we choose to work with vinyl as it is;

– A high quality finish at a reasonable price
– Moisture resistant – Highly durable
– Resistant to impacts
– Does not chip if knocked
– Resists easily scratching
– Resistant to staining
– Fade Resistant (due to UV stablisers in vinyl foils)

So vinyl wrapped doors and panels are a great choice for areas of high traffic or that require high durability or even wet areas. So if it is for a Kitchen, Bathroom, Laundry, Office or Commercial space you can be sure you will have a great product for a long time.

Does Vinyl peel with time?

Not if high quality materials, machinery/equipment and skills are used, as we do. With thermo-laminated vinyl wrapped products, the key is ensuring that the crosslinking of the adhesive materials (glues) occurs so that board, glue and vinyl are strongly bonded together.

Yes in the early days, +30 years ago, when the industry was new, there was issues with premature aging of the products but with the modern adhesives and high quality materials we use, you can expect our products to well and truly out live our 10 year Warranty!

Where are the vinyl doors made?

Our factory is attached to our Showroom at 31 Tulloch Way, Canning Vale, so right here in Western Australia!

How long have you been manufacturing and supplying Thermo-laminated Vinyl Wrapped Products?

We have been manufacturing and suppling, since 1997 when we moved from
cabinet making into manufacturing Thermo-Laminated Vinyl Wrapped products.
So over 20 years of trading as RyForm Doors.

What are your maximum sizes?

Our maximum sizes are as follows:

2700mm (Height) x 1200mm (Width) for 18mm Board (Our Standard)
2400mm (Height) x 1150mm (Width) for 25mm Board
2400mm (Height) x 1110mm (Width) for 32mm Board.
Our minimum width is 20mm.

Do you come out to measure?

No. As we are a manufacturer and supplier we do not visit sites, you will need to engage the services of a cabinet maker or measure it yourself. We can upon request point you towards cabinet makers who use our products.

Do you deliver?

Yes but there is a fee involved. Though please note that we will not carry items upstairs and there needs to be a clear path to where the items will be placed.

What are your Payment options and Deposit Requirements?

Payment is either cash or EFT (electronic funds transfer, i.e. internet banking). When placing an order you will need to either pay upfront the full amount or a 50% deposit, then the remaining 50% owing before collection or delivery.

How long does it take to manufacture?

From the acceptance of you order, to the finish of manufacturing, quality control and packaging, it should be generally seven (7) working days and at peak times this can as long as fourteen (14) working days.

Can your products be used for Alfrescos?

Yes, if it is protected from the elements (rain, UV, extreme temperature and soil, etc)

They can also be used for commercial and office cabinetry too!

Do you recover old damaged vinyl wrapped items?

No. This is for many reasons:

Removal of the foil can be difficult where the glue is still functioning correctly Removal of old foil can damage the board underneath, pulling up fibres and requiring repair.

If hinge holes are in the products they may of been bored too deep and would therefore not stand up to the pressures that the board is subjected to inside the Thermo-laminator.

We cannot give a warranty on a re-vinyled product as we cannot know 100% why it failed unexpectedly in the first place especially if the original was not from our factory.

Basically, re-covered vinyl products do not meet our standard, which is why we would strongly recommend just replacing it with a newly manufactured one which does have a 10 year warranty!

Where can I get a physical Brochure and Colour Swatch?

You can get a brochure and colour swatches from visiting our Canning Vale Showroom alternatively, you can email or call us with your details and we mail you a brochure and colour swatch via standard Australia Post mail.

Where can we see your products?

Our Showroom is located at 31 Tulloch Way, Canning Vale

Opening Hours:

Monday to Thursday – 8:00am to 4:00pm
Friday – 8:00am to 2:00pm
Saturdays – By Appointment (9:00am to 11:30am)

Call us for any further information on (08)9456 4744