With our Designs we have our own unique set of standard sizes rails, stiles or other some settings that make our doors unique. These settings can be adjusted to match already existing doors either perfectly or very closely. Come to our office and have a chat about your needs and we will be able to go through with you your options.



Match Ups

The hardest part of getting one or two items from your kitchen or other cabinetry remade is when you don’t know the original manufacturer, what designs they used or what products they used. If you find yourself in that situation you can always come down to our office and showroom with the door/s and have a chat with us about what is possible.

With most items it is just a few minor customizations of designs or edge profiles that we have, and you have a perfect or near perfect replica.

We also have a large range of stock vinyl, so there is a good chance we will have the colour and or finish or similar that you require.



Unique Items and Designs

Sometimes you just need something that is a little more outside the square or something that will make your cabinetry pop. If you have a chat with us, we can help you discover what is possible. If it is something we can do, we will programme and manufacture it for you. (Please note that if required Unique Programming will incur one off charge to cover time of the CNC programmer writing the programme and running test samples of it.)

3D Simulation of Door Design

3D Simulation of a Door Design

Some examples are as follows;


  • Getting Designs to follow unique shapes
  • Creating new Designs
  • Creating Unique Bedheads
  • Over the Bed Tables
  • Or something else…