Ordering With Ryform Doors

The process is fairly simple once you understand it.

As we manufacture custom thermo-laminated vinyl wrapped products we need a little detail from you before we can begin manufacturing your order.

The start of the process is knowing what you want;

  • Design of Doors and Panels,
  • Edge Profile and which items need them on which edges,
  • Vinyl that is required,
  • Whether any customisation is required.

Once you know the above you can fill out an order form.

If you need help filling it out, please consult the below instructions and Product Description Guide and if you still have questions after please contact us by Phone, E-mail or visit us in person at the Office.

When you have filled out your order form you can dropping it off at the office in person or by emailing in a copy of the order form (we prefer excel or pdf copies, as imagine files can be hard to manipulate to the correct size and readability).

Once we have received the order by email we will give confirmation of receipt of order, then send out an invoice (if it hasn’t been quoted yet) that will need to be paid prior to the order being manufactured.

Once it is manufactured we will contact you via phone or email to let you know it is ready for collection or delivery.

Filling Out an Order Form

In this section we going from the process of ordering with us.

We work in millimetres (mm) as a standard so please do state very clearly if you use a different scale (cm or m) so there is no confusion.

If you leave a category/field blank, we will assume that you mean the default for that field/category.


Default Value

Design Edges Only
Edge Profile Design Default (if no design selected L Edges)
Vinyl Type Texture Vinyl
Quantity Must be specified
Height Must be specified
Width Must be specified
Edge Code PAE - Profile All Edges
Other Details/Extra Information for order Place extra information,drawings or comments for programmer's use here

Basically, you need to specify exact what you want or we will use our defaults.


Basic Door Terms To Know

Door Terms



  • Rail size = Distance from edge to start of Profile
  • Stile size = Distance from edge to start of Profile
  • Face Up = Looking at Face of Door



If you need Hinge Holes bored we can do so, at a small charge but we will need to know the following:

  • Where the door is Hinged?
  • Type of Holes, Blum Inserta/similar (three holes) or Singular
  • Position of hole centres from top or bottom

More text

An Example of a Correctly Filled Order Form